Board of Directors

Stefan Häge

Born: 1966

Chairman of the board.

Education: Law degree from the University of Uppsala.

Summary: Häge is lawyer and partner at Kriströms Advokatbyrå. Mr. Häge serves as a Director at Medhelp.AB.


Markus Winfridsson

Born: 1977

Founder, owner, board member and CEO.

Education: Jönköping School of Economics.

Summary: Successful entrepreneurial leaders, passionate about sales and marketing. Have completed turnarounds in the manufacturing and consumer sectors. Have launched innovative service companies in two countries. The two start-ups are now leading players in its market. Worked in different roles in the energy industry since 2009. Started EnergyKey in 2017.

Mohammed Jamal

Born: 1980

Board member.

Education: Ecole Centrale Paris.

Summary: 15 years of experience as a former senior executive at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Resource America. Founded Molton Street Capital and Forepont Group. Structured finance and Private Equity expect. Founder of SEL Capital Group.

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